Our Company

Six Flags is the world's largest regional theme park company consisting of theme parks, water parks, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Six Flags provides entertainment to guests of all ages in a fun and safe environment appropriate for children and families.

The Loss Prevention Mission

The Six Flags Loss Prevention program will strive to increase the company's profit margins by reducing liability and loss of assets through prevention, detection, and recovery programs. These programs and our efforts will be carried out with the highest integrity, accountability, and professionalism, always within the parameters of the law while exceeding industry standards. Loss Prevention evaluates systems, controls, and procedures that minimize loss and provide for the safe, legal, and efficient operation of the company. Our Guests and employees will be treated with dignity and respect, as we carry out our mission.

The Culture

Loss Prevention is a culture. Just like Guest Service, Cleanliness and Safety, Loss Prevention is every employee's responsibility.

Our goal is to maintain a culture of honesty and ethical dealings for the company between our employees and our guests, to identify loss-causing issues, assist in developing solutions to correct these issues, collect information for management using legally permissible techniques, conduct investigations into crimes and wrong doings, securing evidence for use by management in its decision making process, apprehend offenders, and recover against losses when they occur.